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How to Book:

* Please pick a date you might be interested in and the amount of machines you would like to reserve

* All drivers & passengers must be 16+ with a Drivers License. Minors must be 5+ and must ride with an adult. Adults 18+ can use a Valid ID.

* Please be deposit ready once we confirm that a date and time is available (we use Cashapp or PayPal)

ATV Rental:

All ATVs require two separate payments. A deposit upfront to secure your spot & a rental fee upon arrival. 8 ATVs max per party. Each ATV can hold up to 2 people max. (Weight limit is 500 lbs.)

$100 Security deposit (per ATV) which will be returned within 3 business days after your ride as long as you did not flip or damage ATV. This will secure your spot 100% since we sell out weeks in advance sometimes. If you miss or cancel your appointment the security deposit is non refundable.

Rental fee per ATV for 2hr Excursion is:
$160 Tuesday - Thursday

$200 Friday - Sunday

(Off Road Buggy) Rentals:

2 seater is $350 for 2 hours (2hr min). 

4 seater is $450 for 2 hours (2hr min). 

A security deposit of $500 is required to make a reservation. Deposit is refunded if buggy was NOT damaged or flipped. 

4 seater $300 for 2 hours, this 4 seater comes with a driver. (3 seats available) A security deposit of $100 is required to make a reservation.

***(Passengers can be any age)***

***Your excursion begins when you start filling out your waiver***

Cancellation Policy

Please keep in mind every reservation takes up a spot. You are eligible for 1 reschedule 24 hours before your reservation time, otherwise your deposit will remain NON-TRANSFERABLE & NON-REFUNDABLE. We do NOT refund reservations when cancelled. Once your reservation is booked you must show up to your tour or reschedule within 24 hours to avoid losing your deposit. If you are late you will miss your tour and it will result in loss of your deposit. 



Follow your instructor, stay together.  

Two people per ATV max.

- Drifting, sliding or reckless driving
 will revoke your deposit. 

- Crashing, flipping or bumping into another person will revoke your deposit.

- NO food or drinks allowed on the transport van.


- Most importantly please be on time for your tour (arriving 10 min. prior to your reservation is recommended)!

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